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Boosted start 👩‍🚀👨🏽‍🚀: We invest $20’000 & empower early-stage software startups. after the 100 day production program we transport you to the global investor stages of San Francisco 🌉.

We will invest $20k at a $2M valuation post-money SAFE, or at your last higher valuation if you’ve already secured a significant investment at a valuation above $2M. We also allocate reserve capital for follow-on investments as your venture scales. 


  • No theory
  • No events
  • No incubating
  • No co-working spaces

It’s all about building and scaling, with a focus on software driven by cutting-edge technology. We’re here to help you grow your company and bridge the infamous chasm, whether you’re just outlining initial ideas or ready to elevate your pre-seed or seed-stage concepts to the next level.

We also accept founders with a study degree.


Elevating Startups: From Funding to tailored growth

We offer what we once needed when we were young founders: comprehensive support for every startup challenge. Funding, growth, AI, legal, coding, UI/UX design, and more—consider it handled.

Think of us as the producer to your band, blending engineering and leadership expertise to amplify your startup’s success. Advanced tactics, robust software, and a journey tailored to your unique beat.

A. form


Just starting out? We lay the foundation for your startup’s success, whether you’re in the US or abroad. Our support includes helping you incorporate in the USA, ensuring a solid base for your global journey.

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B. DUe Diligent

investor ready

For all startups, our aim is to ensure you meet the expectations of Silicon Valley’s investors. Non-US startups will first ‘flip’ to establish a US parent company, a critical step toward attracting investment. We streamline the due diligence process for every startup (US and Non-US), making you a prime candidate for top-tier investors.

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C. Produce

100 day accelerator

We invest $20,000 to boost your startup’s growth and prepare you for pitching to Silicon Valley’s follow-on investors, setting you on the fast track to success. Additionally, we reserve capital for potential further investment in your journey.

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D. demo Day


Take the spotlight at the demo day in San Francisco, captivating Silicon Valley investors with your pitch.

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meet our current batch

From our global applicants, we’ve selected an exceptional group from Estonia, Portugal, USA, Italy, and Norway. Each is currently scaling new heights as part of our intensive program. Discover their stories and see how they’re poised to transform the tech landscape.

STUDIOALPHA DEMO DAY: Where Startups shine

Wednesday, May 15th, at Cooley llp Office, san Francisco

Experience the pinnacle of innovation at our Demo Day. Witness our accelerator’s brightest startups as they present to a select panel of leading investors. It’s a unique glimpse into the future of tech, shaped by the visionaries of today and tomorrow.

Curious about the industry experts evaluating the next big ideas?


Our founders’ firsthand experience in building 20+ tech companies over three decades sets us apart. At StudioAlpha, you gain access to our global network of investors and a wealth of entrepreneurial insights. We’ve been where you are and have shaped a platform we once needed. Let’s transform your startup into a global success story. Meet the team…

BLOG by StudioAlpha

At our podcast ‘Roll-Right-In’, we’ve got the inside scoop on successful founders. From tech legends like Steve Wozniak (Apple) to Marian Goodell (Burningman) or Lars Ulrich (drummer, Metallica). Also, read our blogs