Unleash your startup’s potential in just 100 days. Benefit from tailored weekly sprints, hands-on tech and entrepreneur coaching, and a proven strategy to escalate your success. The journey culminates in a demo day in San Francisco, connecting you to follow-on investors eager to discover innovative startups like yours. It’s intense, personalized, and designed for tangible results. Your global ascent starts here.


Unlock insights from seasoned entrepreneurs; we are on hand to guide your startup’s innovation journey from concept to reality.

  • Coaching: Tailored advice for your startup’s unique needs.
  • Network Access: Connect with a vast professional network
  • Proven Frameworks: Implement tested, effective scaling methodologies.
  • Investor Readiness: Become Silicon Valley VC-ready.
  • Peer: Thrive in a dynamic, innovative ecosystem with other founders.
  • Benefit Credits from our partners AWS, Google etc.

Secret sauce revealed

Immerse yourself in our 100-day production program, developed and refined by StudioAlpha co-founder Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziltener over 15 years. Implemented in top-tier universities, it’s a blend of academic rigor and entrepreneurial zest. This methodology isn’t just taught—it’s lived. It fuels our ventures and turns startup visions into tangible successes.

personalized path to growth

Every week is a personalized journey, tailored for each startup. Engage in focused 1:1 sessions with our coaches, showcasing progress, addressing queries, absorbing insights, and setting new milestones.

In the large group meetings, we intensify the learning. Renowned guest speakers illuminate the path, followed by interactive Q&A and optional cross-case discussions to broaden perspectives and refine strategies.

We dedicate 90% of the 100-day program to your startup’s unique needs, curating tools, methods, and expert consultations for targeted growth.

Get a snapshot of a startup’s customized pathway below. With continual code releases and user behavior analytics, every step is informed, intentional, and aimed at amplifying your startup’s impact. There are two live and ten remote sessions.


Meet & Greet

Meet StudioAlpha partners and your peers, set goals, and bond at streetparade live in Zurich!



Set up your team to sprint mode: The hacker, the hustler and the hipster. Re-define engineering stack and optimize process model. Keep going.



Kickstart Session: Pitch your business model and dive into tools and methods essential for entrepreneurs. Embrace the intensive 100-day journey ahead



weekly sprints

Focused 1:1: Sessions for a deeper dive into each startup’s distinct landscape. Coaches and teams collaborate, scrutinizing results, setting tailored goals, and unlocking bespoke insights.



Learn from experienced guest speakers and take advantage of the helpful advice they give you along the way.


Pitch training

In the middle of the program you will present your investor pitch to the other founder teams and coaches. Benefit from the feedback.


weekly Sprint

Increase your traction, improve your pitch deck, optimize your product. The StudioAlpha partners also help in this stage with weekly 1:1 coaching sessions.


Art of pitching

Master the art of pitching with expert guidance. remote Sessions include guest speakers, Q&A, and breakout pitch prep for the last time remotely.


demo Day live

Finally, hit the stage live in San Francisco! After intensive training and 5 pitch iterations face2face, showcase your hard work and passion to potential investors. The spotlight’s on you!


Twice a year, a demo day is held in San Francisco, where startups pitch their product-market fit to U.S.-based investors from our network.

After the completion of production and successful private equity financing after the demo day, StudioAlpha will mentor and support the startups for as long as they need it. For this, we continue to rely on our network.

The Serial Entrepreneurs Behind StudioAlpha

Our Legacy: In the budding days of the 90s and early 2000s, the technological landscape was largely uncharted. It was during these formative years that a group of visionaries emerged, each laying the groundwork for what would eventually become successful tech enterprises. 

Among these pioneers were our esteemed partners of StudioAlpha. In an era when venture capital was sparse, these entrepreneurs were characterized by their grit, bootstrapping their ventures from the ground up. Without the safety net of external funding, they were conditioned to drive profit and fund their own growth, instilling in them a unique blend of tenacity and self-sufficiency.

StudioAlpha Network

Rooted in our Worldwebforum legacy, StudioAlpha taps into a powerful network of tech visionaries and global trailblazers. Our history translates into your startup’s future success.

Backstage Pass: Unplugged

These moments, captured from previous sessions, showcase the energy, innovation, and collaboration that define our approach. Your entrepreneurial journey is not just about the destination but the transformative experiences with other founders along the way.

Empowerment Beyond Investment

  1. If the StudioAlpha partners are convinced of your problem-solution fit and your team, studioalpha will invest up to USD 20,000 (at a 2m valuation post-money SAFE or at yout last higher valuation) in your startup so that the founders can fully concentrate on their product and the market while they are in the studio.
  2. During the 100-days production we invite speakers from our network to talk remotely or live about their entrepreneurial experiences.
  3. StudioAlpha organizes regular virtual meetings for all startups that are in production at the same time. In these peer group meetings, the teams are supposed to exchange experiences, ask and answer questions or give each other advice.
  4. During and after the 100-days program, we arrange necessary contacts from our network individually for each startup team.
  5. Optionally, you can gain access to our partners, who will provide you with benefit credits valued at an additional USD 20,000, applicable to a $2M post-money SAFE valuation or your most recent higher valuation.
Questions? We’ve Got Answers. Dive into our extensive FAQ or ✉️ reach out directly.